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I'm Jamie. I'm 21 and female. Here I blog/reblog things related to (but not limited to): movies, travel, various television shows, and music.

anotsaint: Ah! We could have gotten drinks too haha. Fuck. Next time next time. It's half and half this round! We're only shooting a few songs a night, a radio show and a fitting for costumes for their Halloween show. So got two more days to roam and hang. Any suggestions? We asked for coffee today and some guy gave us directions to McDonald's lol.

As far as coffee goes there’s a nice coffee/pastry shoppe called Please & Thank You that I believe is pretty close to the Palace. As far as nightlife goes the only bar that has really stood out to me would be Holy Grale, which is in a former church. I ate at the pizza place next door to the palace tonight and they had a pretty good calzone! Other than that I don’t know much, I don’t make it to Louisville more than a couple times a year, but hopefully that helps!!

update: I meant to send this to your messages but ended up accidentally just posting it, lol whoops

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if you ever feel unimportant just read this page on the blues clues wiki

 Opera House staircase, Paris, France - between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900
photomechanical print : photochrom, color.

I scream screams for us,
'Cause I have dreams of bigger stuff and I know 
Sometimes it happens,
Tell me when I’m gonna get what I want